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How To Spend Your Skill Points Wisely in STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ Il

Don’t let yourself give into the temptation of always spending those precious Skill Points right when you get them!

In this video I show AND TELL you what my strategy is as I finally begin making moves & levelling up General Grievous.

Yup! I finally decided to ‘Just Dew It’ & use my voice for once to communicate atcha’ in one o’ these things … just like a Real YouTuber!

It’s my first ever “Talkie”! ?

w00t! WooT! w00t! WooT! w00t!

So whether you’re brand new to the game or have been in it with us for a while but are just now beginning to get to the point where you can tell that your Skill Points are starting to feel like they might be starting to run a little thin, leavin’ you high & dry right when you REALLY start needing ’em the most!

Take it from an Old Pro at hitting Max Rank in Battlefront 2 & put yourself on a temporary Skill Point Budget! It’s super easy to maximize your time & efforts by simply making a Game Plan ahead of time & then sticking with it as you progress on up the ranks!

I’ll guide you along by explaining exactly WHERE my head is at as I begin approaching Crunch Time, WHY I’m formulatung the particular strategy that I am & WHAT I’m planning to do as I move forward & take General Grievous into double digits!

You’ll then be able to use the exact same strategic process as you begin taking YOUR favorite Heroes, Villains, Vehicles & Trooper Classes on up in the Battlefront Ranks!

Thanks For Watching!

… ?

… & For Listening! ? ??

#MyFirstTalkie #Yay

STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II


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