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WIN A CRICUT MAKER, Happy Planner $100 worth of Mod Podge and MORE!!! 100k giveaway

? Want to be apart of my Awesome community?


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I am a pastors wife ⛪️, a mommy of 2 beautiful girls ??, We are trying out homeschool, so that’s fun. We live for Softball ? – Thats a tennis ball, but emojis discriminate! We go with the flow, I am super down to earth and extremely sarcastic at times. I love you guys to pieces and love getting to know you! I do this because I love it, and you, but it’s really turned into quite the gig! I love what I do, and I have been so extremely blessed to chill with my internet buddies every week!

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Mondays – Cricut Tutorials, and crafts + Product Releases
TUESDAY TAYKOVER – A FUN guest comes to spice up the mix a bit!
Weds – LIVES
Thursday – Crafting with the HUBS – Join Dustin and me for a fun time of beginner crafting!
(Crafting with the hubs is hit or miss due to our crazy family schedule)


??OCTAYBER 31 Days of Halloween!

??HOLIDIYS – December 1 -25th 25 Days of DIY’S!

Tuesday – Live Hangout – Product pre-launch parTAY
Saturday Mornings – Cricut Design Videos with Tay
Weekly podcasts and Lives. Business Chats and more!

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  1. 1) got a cricut, now what?
    2)not sure…just starting and have so many to catch up on
    3)Mary Poppins, tinker bell
    4)don't know what the meet up is yet. But if what it sounds like sept but Disney world ?

  2. *How to get out of debt video*More Cricut videos! (I want to Vinyl and Iron On everything lol)*Daisy Duck (she looks sassy)*Mid August Please

  3. ~Planner Videos – I just began planning and I love seeing your stuff
    ~Introduction to creating your own graphics
    ~Early Summer

  4. 1. You have a Cricut now what video
    2. Baby ideas
    3. Pocahontas
    4. September

  5. 1) would have to be ALL of your gift ideas (her,him,kids,teens..) because I love making personal gifts!
    2) pets! Maybe make a video of different things you can do for/about your pets. (We have a French bulldog who is soooo amazing)
    3) all of the princesses really but if I have to pick one I’d have to say Belle
    4) December 2018 because Christmas time is sooo pretty!
    I love watching all your videos though to be honest ☺️

  6. You’re too too cute! I liked the beginner video with your husband.

    Comparison of heat press and the easy press

    Winnie the Pooh

    First weekend in August, I’ll be in California at that time!

  7. I’m subscribed to both ✅
    My favorite video is the one you made with your husband…so you bought the maker? Now what?
    I would to see more tutorial videos for decals such as using multiple colors and layers.
    My favorite Disney character is sima
    I want your annual Disneyland trip to be in December for Christmas!

  8. ~Begginers to cricut
    ~ vinyl application & type to exterior window
    ~whenever suits your schedule
    Congratulations 🙂

  9. 1. You got a cricut, now what? Is my favorite video as of now, but I just subscribed and just became aware the cricut existed lol so I’m sure I’ll love all of your videos!
    2. Leather projects
    3. Moana! 😀
    4. In the fall. It’s my favorite season 🙂

  10. Comment below with:
    1) Cricut Iron On unusual things to make
    2) Why Cricut Maker?
    3) Mickey Mouse
    4) Whenever is good for you.

  11. 1) So you Bought a Cricut!? Now What? ( Love that you included your husband)
    2) Anything. I am still learning and just taking everything in.
    3) Arial ( I have always loved her since the movie came out and I was always obsessed with her hair)
    4) I would say June 15th (my birthday). I'm a 33 year old but still dream about going to Disney.

  12. I love the now I got a cricut now what. I finally got mine out after a year and was brave enough to use it and fell in love with Cricut. Would love to see more hoodie and T-shirt videos from start to finish please and thank you. You do an awesome job thanks for all your help keep the videos coming.

  13. 1) Cricut design space hacks… I have learned a lot of cool stuff
    2) how to do shadow blackout
    3) Ariel
    4) summer time

  14. DIY BULLET journal Stickers in Design space
    How to design your own stickers and planner
    Tinker Bell
    In Europa, Paris, this summer, maybe

  15. 1) So you bought a Cricut? NOW WHAT? I love it!
    2)How to make huge paper flowers
    3)The Little Mermaid
    4)June 16, 2018.

  16. 1) How we got out of debt (great pointers in that video
    How to make your own SVG on Inkscape
    July( for my b-day) Luv u!!!!

  17. My favorite video is the one when you did the unbox a cricut with your husband. It was so adorable.Video request is a more detailed unboxing for those of use who are clueless and don't own a cricut just yet lolMy fav. Disney char. is PJ Mask 🙂 I have a 3 year old so everything is centered around PJ maskMy 3 year old will be 4 on chirstmas and I was thinking about taking him to Disney world so Christmas is my vote 🙂

  18. *Print then cut videos!!
    * I would like to learn more about design features on cricut
    *Alice from Alice in Wonderland
    * Fall! Weather is always best in the Fall!

  19. So who won?? I didn't see it posted in the April 1st Newsletter, haven't seen a video… is there a list somewhere I an see all the winners?

  20. 1) DIY Canvas with The CRICUT and HOW TO CREATE SVG
    2) Product Organization (Vinyl, Iron-Ons, etc)
    4) July!

  21. 1. so I got a Cricut now what.
    2. probably paper flowers
    3. Pluto
    4. Springtime

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