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Why I Took a Break | Crafting With Psoriatic Arthritis | Diving Head First

Heather talks about why she took a break and some of her struggles with psoriatic arthritis.

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  1. Omg that pup! ♡ I'm sorry you are dealing with this condition. Thank you for bravely sharing. Maybe you can shoot in little increments blog style or find a friend who likes to craft and you have the ideas, they do the work! Good luck, self care is a lot to sort out. Best wishes to you….

  2. Hi! I just saw a video on how to make pillows on another channel and it was so clear and well done, it inspired me to check out your page. After seeing this video, I definitely want to send you my support and my best wishes in dealing with your arthritis!

  3. http://healworldwide.com/r66/JoinJustin

    These are amazing products ! all plant based ingredients! I take BIM – D for my type 1 diabetes ( 26 years ) and have experienced a tremendous change for the better since I began this regimen. BIM – A ( which stands for Balanced Immunity – Arthritis ) would be my recommendation for dealing with your condition. I feel your pain and know Diving Head First into finding solutions is the way to go! check out the link and the site has many testimonies and a wonderful support group on facebook! I want healing in your life and pray that you get that! Keep being awesome !

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