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How To Replace The Drive Belt On A Craftsman Garden Tractor (Hydro Drive) – Fix and Dash

In “Fix and Dash”, an out-of-state customer skips out on his bill after loading his mower up, forcing Taryl to take action. After the intro and before the conclusion, Taryl goes over how to properly install the drive belt on an old Craftsman garden tractor. There’s a special twist in the belt and if you don’t get it right it won’t work correctly. Another funny and informative how-to video from your pals at Grass Rats Garage! And as always, There’s Your Dinner!!

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  1. 22hp Briggs v twin pops and backfires

  2. You should get a nice torque wrench click sound effect for every time you reef down a bolt with a spanner. Love your videos cheers.

  3. LOL, I always jerk my deck off before working on anything!

  4. I have an older Craftsman GT similar to the one in the video. when I move the travel lever to neutral the tractor moves slowly in reverse. how do I adjust this

  5. HI Teryl. Love your videos. Question.?? is there any way to fix a briggs engine with a twisted crankshaft. Mine will kick back when trying to start. Checked the flywheel key and it seems OK. Can I put an offset key or try to move the coil..??

  6. Thank You for this video. I followed your video and replacement was a snap!

  7. Yeah stupid "Crapsman" tractors.

  8. I have the exact same tractor and had to replace this belt. Only thing that was stumping me me was the “above belt keeper” part on that diagram. There was no above belt keeper and the belt seem to be riding up against a console bracket there above that bottom belt keeper. Help!

  9. It is not necessary to remove the clutch and drive pulley. Remove the old belt starting from the transmission pulley. Put on the new one starting from the drive pulley. Just did it. Rest of video very helpful. I.e. Remove rear wheel, access panel

  10. Number 500 on the Like button. Whoopti Freakin Doo!

  11. I hate those damn twist belts. Lol. jerked your deck off.lol. I had a roto tiller that had a belt that MUST be twisted to get reverse. No twist, no reverse. Yup, small engine repair can be a headache.

  12. Thank you Tarly, I have 1996 craftsman lawn tractor 25hp Kohler command. I followed your video and had no problems, done right the first time.

  13. What if I get someone else and i dont have the money to fix it, is it ok if I get my physically fit self with coveralls on to push the riding mower in neutral while other person steers?

  14. Hey a shout out to mr cameraman. He does a real good job.

  15. Taryl can you show a way to safely and properly upgrade our headlights. Was thinking mounting aftermarket fog lights from auto parts store (craftsman lt2000)

  16. Nah man… I might have a "big fat hand" but I always get it in, Im a make sure that thing works! Ya feel me? ???

  17. I have been looking at every drive belt video I can find but my problem is not the drive belt. On my Craftsman Garden Tractor the belt tension spring broke and I cannot figure out where it attaches to. It might not hurt to mention this spring in the belt replacement videos since it is an important part of the ground drive system that also fails sometimes. As long as you are under there with the camera you could show the spring and what not and talk about it. In my case the parts diagram is of no use in showing where the spring goes. I would take the mower to Taryl if I could. Even when I find out where the spring goes I have been hearing that it is very difficult to put it on

  18. why the fan?that keep cool the transmission?

  19. I put this belt on exactly step by step the way you've done it and my transmission still runs in Reverse what am I doing wrong, the only difference is mine is not a hydrostat

  20. I enjoy the humor in your videos. I have a Husqvarna gth200 and have learned a lot about repairs watching you. Thank you!

  21. Taryl, I'm trying to do an engine swap on a 1990 gt6000. I don't want it scraped and I know you don't either. Old engine was horizontal opposed briggs and they are odd like slippers. Can this old sears gt6000 be made into vertical common engine mower with minimal parts maybe just and idler and a different engine plate. Like how much is it going to take to retrofit this honey make her live again. She's a beast. Her deck is so solid

  22. Thanks alot!! I needed this help

  23. Hey Taryl, love the vids and have a question, I have a simplicity 2006 hydrostatic drive, is there a way to change the hydrolic fluid in the trans ? There is nothing in my maintenance manual thats why I'm asking.. Any help??

  24. I need a deck belt part no. 144200 and all of the ones on the internet have bad reviews and there is no where local to get one, anyone have any suggestions on where to get a quality belt?

  25. Have a question, is there another place for the model & serial number. Ours the number is faded?

  26. So pissed off about my mower, have never seen your videos before… hysterical ! Thanks for cheering me up and the great instructions!! You rock!!

  27. Hey their Taryl have you ever done a video on a transmission tear down on a lawn boy rototiller

  28. Three broken belts later…THEN I find this video! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! You're awesome!!!?

  29. Wow thank ya for what you Do been watchin ya for a While ya Make it so that Little People Understand ya with some fun in it too As I Say Owell Don,t try it ya Never learn ther Keep Up The Good Work Sign me Up Ya Worth it Thks again Farmer

  30. Were do ya bye your part,s for Motor,s Just askin Thks again do alot of work on them and your Help As Made me very happy worker Knowing I Helped Other,s Like this Carry On

  31. Thanks for the video Taryl, helped a lot, you are the Man!

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