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How to DOMINATE with CHEWBACCA | Hero Guide & Tips (Star Wars Battlefront 2)

This time we’ll be looking at Chewbacca in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Going through a few tips, and my favourite star cards to use. I hope you find it helpful!

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  1. I know we have a few Chewie mains on the channel so any tips or star card load outs you want to share, feel free to do so in the comments.
    I didn't mention rolling in this guide as I don't think it's viable after patch 1.2. Just make sure to time your stuns and slam well.

  2. Great Vid @DRAX GAMING ! Thx for the tips!

  3. Play HVV because that’s all he’s good for without a health regeneration star card.

  4. Wow i just played HvV as Chewie after watching your vid and got top on the scoreboard, i usually suck in that mode. Activating Bowcaster before grenade works great thx for the tips.

  5. Are you implying you need help to play as Chewbacca?

  6. Chewbacca probably has the best melee animation in the entire game ?

  7. So glad they NERFED him

  8. Yaaay chewie Time ? Sadly I missed your stream like the others recently, but good work as always keep it up ??

  9. Do a tutorial on how to get 88k credits

  10. Horrible Star Card choices.

  11. Keep doing what you do Drax! Love the content!

  12. Chewi is so op anyone can be good at chewi

  13. Thnx for vid awesome content?

  14. Point and shoot. Chewy can shred everyone in H vs V

  15. its un-fucking-believable how broken HvV is now. the dark side is SOOOOOOOOO obviously better. fuck EA for making stupid ass changes that broke it. fuck kylo ren frenzy as you just cant avoid the damage, fuck palpatine, fuck boba fett jetpack, fuck bossk and the micro-grenades that stick around for a stupid amount of time and the stupid amount of damage they do, fuck darth maul and the fact that his force choke and lukes force push because on a functional level, they are exactly the same as the do damage and push the enemy back except mauls is just better due to more damage. fuck the roll nerf because it fucked saber heros too, once you get hit, youre pretty much fucked. either nerf the dark side, or my preferred outcome, buff the hell out of the heros.

  16. yes finally!!!!
    Chewie mains unite!

  17. I love all the info on your guides and it helps me improve a lot. One thing that I would like to have is an overview screen at the end of your videos that has your recommended star cards for both hvv and galactic assault as well as the tips so that it is easier to access your content without having to rewatch parts of the videos. Just a suggestion tho

  18. Anyone who uses Chewie is a pussy. He needs to he nerfed.

  19. Turles=good gameplay

  20. B. Vegeta=ndispulucha

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