Great and easy hair hacks every girl should know about

We all know the simple rule: clean hair is a key for a flawless look. You may go out to the street in your pajama and without makeup, and still look perfect if your hair looks clean and healthy.

Does your hair look pale and boring? Or maybe you are simple bored with the same ordinary look everyday? We have got a perfect and cheap solution just for you! Use your eye shadows to add some color to your hair. Yes, you will just need some bright matte eye shadows. Apply them to a dry hair and fix with some hair spray. Done! It’s just a great idea for a party or a date night. Just don’t forget to take a shower before going to sleep. 😉

A hair bun is the perfect hairstyles for working out, going for a walk and even for special occasions. But how to make a voluminous bun? Do not worry, we’ve got it covered. Take your old (but clean) lonely sock, cut it’s edge and make a sock bun. Make a hairstyle as usual. You will be amazed with this new flawless hairstyle.

Awesome and easy ways to curl your hair
Here are some simple ways to curl your hair in no time of you do not have an electric curler:
1. Take an ordinary pencil, curl your hair around it and apply some heat using a hair straightener. You will get perfect light curls that will stay with you whole day long.

2. Here is an even easier way. Wash your hair and put a strainer on it. Dry them out using a hair dryer through the strainer. Done. Beach waves are done in just five minutes.

3. Don’t have a hairdryer? Just wash your hair before going to sleep and braid it so it dries out during the night. In the morning you will get voluminous light waves.

But how to get long shiny and healthy hair? Quite easy, actually. Just follow our simple hair care and hairstyles tutorials to get ideal voluminous hair in no time at all.

00:44 How to color your hair using eye shadows
01:54 Greasy hair?
04:05 Lazy ways to curl your hair
06:02 Cute hairstyle with a pencil
12:05 Beautiful DIY flower wreath for your hair

Learn how to make great-looking hairstyles in just one minute! You won’t believe how cute and easy they are! Give it a try! 🙂

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